Local architect Michael Harlock and

landscape architect Robin Moller

describe renovation plans to Town

of Corte Madera staff members.

Bob Bundy, leader of the working group, shows Michael Harlock and Kitty Prosser why the patio deck needs to be replaced.

The working group began meeting in June 2009.

Float in 4th of July parade publicized the upcoming patio renovation.

Some of the volunteers from four of the sponsoring organizations* that are working on the renovation include, from left, Bob Dunn, MIchael Harlock, Alex McLean, Andy Vireno, Bob Bundy, Bob Ravasio, Spring Kraeger, Robin Moller, Becky Reed, Larry Reed, Kitty Prosser, Carolyn Larson, Suzy Oberlin, Wulfrin Oberlin, and Jana Haehl.

*Corte Madera Community Foundation, Lions Club, Women’s Club, and Beautification Committee.