Everything we do benefits our town and its residents.

We provide grants to various projects, programs, and organizations in Corte Madera that help give our community its famous small-town character.  Organizations like the Town Band, Beautification Committee, Heritage & History Group, disaster response and neighborhood improvement groups have all received fiscal services or funding from the Foundation to help with projects that benefit our community as a whole.

We also provide direct funding for projects such as free grab bar installation for seniors and disabled residents, as well as camperships so that economically disadvantaged local kids can participate in the summer playground program.

Established by five longtime Corte Madera residents in 1994 as a California Non-Profit Corporation, the Foundation is run entirely by an eleven-member Board of Directors serving on a volunteer basis.  All of us live in Corte Madera, and three current boardmembers* were founders of the Foundation.

We don’t spend money on administration, overhead, or outside consultants.  All funding decisions are carefully evaluated by the Board, which determines the merit of each application and the appropriate level of support.  All the funds we raise through your donations stay in Corte Madera to help meet local needs.

The Foundation welcomes your comments and suggestions.  Submit them to us by e-mail at CMCFoundation@comcast.net, send them by regular mail to our post office box shown below, or contact any of our boardmembers.

Board of Directors 2020

Bob Bundy - President

Bob Ravasio - 1st Vice President

Joan Vaughan * - Co-Treasurer

Larry Reed - Co-Treasurer

Becky Reed - Secretary

Carolyn Larson *

Jana Haehl *

Cynthia Trutner

Mark Goldrosen

Kathleen Daly

Suzi Beatie

Diane Furst

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