Corte Madera Community Foundation


Take a look at how beautiful Corte Madera is from above, in the spectacular aerial video filmed by local resident Mike Jetter with his drone camera, flying only over public property. You can see it by clicking here:



Ever heard the Town Band play “The Stars and Stripes Forever” on the 4th of July?

Or spent an afternoon enjoying a festivity at Piccolo Pavilion?

Or admired the Hanging Baskets, overflowing with flowers all around town?

If you’ve done any one of those things, then you’ve experienced the work of

The Corte Madera Community Foundation

Founded in 1994, the Corte Madera Community Foundation focuses on this primary goal: 

To promote events, facilities, programs, and services that build community spirit 

and enhance Corte Madera’s small-town character.

Post Office Box 7109

Corte Madera, California 94976